Professionally installed outdoor lighting provides many benefits to a homeowner and their guests.  Some of these benefits include added safety, security, aesthetics, and likely, increased home value.  

     Landscape lighting will improve your home's safety by illuminating driveways and walkways, as well as other potentially hazardous areas, such as retaining walls, outdoor stairways, and swimming pools.

     Criminals work in the dark of night.  Your home's security will be increased through landscape lighting by exposing otherwise dark, hidden areas of your property, naturally discouraging intruders.

     One of the most obvious reasons to consider professional quality outdoor lighting is for aesthetics and style.  The primary way we will use outdoor lighting to aesthetically enhance your home is by showcasing the features that already make your home and garden unique and beautiful.  For example, if your home has unique architectural features, we will make it shine!  If your landscaping is something you are proud of, we will accent that as well.  If your property has rock walls, water features, or outdoor kitchens, we will focus some of the attention toward the hardscaping.  Most every project will involve a combination of these methods, depending on your style and budget.  

     When you add landscape and outdoor lighting to your home, you instantly boost your property's curb appeal, thereby increasing your home's market value.  It's no secret that a home that is pleasing to the eye is of more value than a similar home that is not.  Additionally, a home that has that cozy feel to it just feels more like home.  Properly designed and installed outdoor lighting will accomplish exactly that.  Certain subtle outdoor lighting techniques can even make a space feel larger when designed and installed properly.  It really is not surprising that so many real estate agents highly recommend landscape and outdoor lighting.

     ​Between The Hedges Landscaping is pleased to offer a free, no obligation demonstration of our landscape and outdoor lighting at your home.  If you live within 30 minutes of Athens, Royston, Gainesville, or Cumming and would like the opportunity to see what your home could look like with professionally installed outdoor lighting, give us a call at (706) 338-1236 to request a free demo.  We will come to your home, set up the demo lighting, and leave it with you for a few days for you to enjoy.  If you decide you would like to make it a permanent fixture we can install it permanently for you.  For more information feel free to give us a call any time or fill out and submit to us the "get a quote" form on this site.



(706) 338-1236


Between The Hedges Landscaping provides a full range of landscaping and lawn care in Athens, Ga.  We service residential and commercial customers in Athens and surrounding areas.  Some of our lawn and landscape services, which are available to homeowners, businesses and organizations throughout the Athens area include the following:

  • Mowing and maintenance of lawn
  • Edging of garden beds, lawns and driveways
  • Blow off leaves and debris from lawns and hard surfaces
  • Landscape design and install
  • Bed design, install, and maintenance (seasonal colors etc.)
  • Landscape/Outdoor lighting
  • ​Christmas lighting
  • ​Parking lot maintenance
  • Sod install and repair
  • Irrigation install and repair
  • Leaf removal
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Heavy grading and erosion control
  • Bush hogging and lot clearing
  • Shrub trimming and care
  • Ground cover services (mulch, pine straw, gravel etc.)
  • Spring/Fall cleanups
  • Lawn treatment and fertilization
  • Pesticide and Herbicide services
  • Tree pruning
  • Planting and removal of trees, shrubs, and other plants
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Small engine repair and maintenance


​If you are interested in lawn care and landscaping in Athens, Georgia and surrounding areas we would love the opportunity to speak with you.  Please give us a call at (706) 338-1236, email us, or click HERE to send us an Estimate Request Form.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Between The Hedges Landscaping offers lawn maintenance and landscaping in Athens, Georgia and surrounding areas.  Other areas within our service area are:

  • Bogart
  • Bishop
  • ​Farmington
  • Watkinsville
  • Winterville
  • Hull
  • Colbert
  • Danielsville
  • Ila

​​For outdoor lighting services we expand our service area South to all of Oconee County, North to Habersham County, East to Elbert and Hart Counties, and West to Cumming, Dawsonville, and North Atlanta including Gwinnett and Jackson Counties.

If you are unsure whether you are in our service are or not please don't hesitate to give us a call at (706) 338-1236 or click HERE and fill out and submit an estimate request form.